Armed police drag tourist from bed in front of kids after mistaking him for ex-fugitive

A tourist was arrested in his hotel after police mistook him for a killer with the same name.

Dean Evans was dragged from his bed by armed officers in the night and bundled into a van while on holiday with his wife and children in Tenerife.

The 34-year-old claimed he was strip-searched, beaten, and put in a cell for 10 hours before police discovered the case of mistaken identity.

He was reportedly mistaken for Irish gangster Dean Evans, 31, who also shares the same birthday as the innocent warehouse worker on holiday.

The real criminal Evans was extradited from Spain in 2018.

Describing his arrest, Dean, of Margate, Kent, said: “It was a terrifying experience. I was frightened for my life.

“I said they’d got the wrong man but they wouldn’t listen. The police kept saying I was a very dangerous man and I’d never see my children again.”

Dean’s wife Georgina, 33, said the police had clearly failed to “do their research”, reports the Sun.

A Spanish National Police source said Dean was unable to have his fingerprints checked in the early hours of the morning, but was released when they were taken and did not match those on a criminal database.