Homeless man looks unrecognisable in remarkable transformation after free haircut

One homeless man’s transformation has gone viral after a generous barber gave him a free haircut, which left viewers stunned.

Joshua Santiago has been travelling across the United States for the last seven years giving free haircuts to homeless people via his mobile barbershop – Empowering Cuts.

The van is geared towards helping homeless people and providing a safe haven for the customer during the treatment they are receiving, with other amenities on board such as a TV and toilet.

Joshua has been sharing his videos of his free makeovers on TikTok, which has garnered over 300,000 followers on the social media platform.

Usually his videos generate tens of thousands of views but one particular post has been seen over six million times following the man’s unrecognisable transformation.

The accompanying post read: “Sometimes the nicest people you meet are covered in tattoos and sometimes the most judgmental people you meet go to church on Sundays.”

The man had an unruly beard covering half of his face and his matted hair growing before Joshua used a clipper to shave all his hair off. It revealed a tattoo above his ear, which read “I will gladly feast on those who try to subdue me”.

He also shaved his eyebrow hair, which uncovered more tattoos, before tidying up the scruffy beard. Joshua neatened the beard with sharp cheek line and neck lines, and kept volume on his chin to show off the homeless man’s strong facial hair.

Over 1,000 comments were made on the post, with several people saying they were touched by Joshua’s work and many said the man’s new look “took 10 years off him”.

“You took off over a decade from this man!” one wrote and a second added: “Haircuts can really change a man’s future.”

A third penned: “Whoa! He looks like a completely different person, it’s cool that you helped him.”

Joshua explained in another video why he shaved the man’s hair and eyebrows.

He said: “I gave this man exactly what he asked for and due to him being homeless for quite some time, he didn’t have the chance to really keep up with his appearance.

“He spoke about why he keeps his head bald because he wants his tattoos exposed. The same goes to his eyebrows.”